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With over 19,000 programs across 2,240 universities in the US, we provide a unique set of data from National Science Foundation, the National Research Council, and the National Center for Education Statistics to present you with the most accurate and comprehensive information on the web.

Rank and search through over 19,000 programs across 2,240 universities.

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    Updated NRC data, rankings site outage

    Our graduate school rankings have been down today – our apologies! We run the site on a cluster in Amazon’s cloud, and today their services suffered a massive outage. We’re busy transferring the site over to a new data center. …

  • FEB 11, 11
    Big cuts for science?

    House Republicans have a proposal for cutting spending starting next month: Summary here To emphasize, the proposal is for cutting funds already allocated for this year as well as for the coming year. A few numbers: NIH cuts for 2011: $260M, …

  • FEB 10, 11
    Debunking Discrimination

    A blunt article in PNAS by Ceci and Williams provides considerable evidence that the underrepresentation of women in mathematically intensive fields is not due to systematic discrimination: Women’s current underrepresentation in math-intensive ?…


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